Latest Virus images

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Be aware of Latest Virus attacks!

At any cost ,every pc may be infected by virus ,trojan,spyware,adware,keylogger,dailer or root kits .cramepy spywares ,keyloggers,dos are the most ways that hackers enter into our pc.Due to this very valuble data goes in vain.One major reason that virus enters into your pc is your computer lac security and other is when we are curious to install application programs ,fixes,and security patches.

Oh!Viruses . How to remove it?


Also called as Trojan,.win32.optixkill or win32/optixkiller .As it is trojan ,it suspends the Norton,Mcfee anti-virus process.So,it is very difficult to detect.This virus copies two files spool16.exe and wininit.dta in windows folder.This virus can be removed by latest updated antiviruses or Norton antivirus latest version.


This is spyware program.As soon as it enters into computer what ever the letters you type ,it sends an e-mail as a report to the person who created this program. It copies
refree.exe file on programfiles >RkFree folder and 1312207.rvl file on Documents and settings >All Users\Application Data\rkfree\data\Adminstrator\ folder.To remove this spyware the system restore is disabled and antivirus definitions should be updated and

Orkut is banned..Heap41a virus

Is it showing a message orkut is fool muhahaha... ,when you are trying to connect .Then your computer is infected of Heap41a virus through pen drive.
1)Go to task manger >process check wheather any svchost.exe is running with username. Press end task.
2)start>run type regedit >HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer
in delete the checked value subkey and create a subkey with the same name.
3)Remove the heap41a Folder.
4)Start>Run type msconfig and in the configuration utility window .

Google Trojan
Will you belive when you uses google search engine there is no harm.It misleads the Google search engine users to download and istall showbehing.exe file.Only Norton capable of detecting Google Trojan. Mcfee,E-Trust are spectators.

It is a trojan program which installs in pc in the form of ActiveX control.As soon as it enters with out the knowledge of user it downloads the files from

With this information when you try to copy data from net or usb pendrive think a while and do.Keep your pc healthy and clean.

Latest Virus images

It is amazing to see how viruses has a images.It is a code to harm data.Absoletly right
a recent research is made and the few experts has analyzed and formed a graphical 3D picuture of few viruses with a pictorial representation based on its attacks.

1)Ghost spyware.
It detects the website details viewed by netzens based on keystrokes andscreenshots.With this information hawkers get to know the different sites passwords and does the harm.

This is a spam with a combination of text and images.Do you want to reduce weight? Congratulations! You have won million dollor lottery?give credit card details to deposit .You are 50lakh vistor click here to claim laptop for free .This spam attracts with this sugar coated questions.

3)Netsky virus

First detected in march 21,2004.It spreads very rapidly through e-mails.Once any e-mail is infected with this virus it sends a copy to all its contacts in address book.


A famous word that sweats most of the bank users.Phishing is a
commonly works like fishing .It captures all the passwords and sends to the hacker.It enters with a text showing that security help it provides and draws all the personal details and causes harm.
Stram,darph,pcom,new worm with this names it comes into play.
It works very rapidly.Till date ,20 lakhs computers were infected
with strom.

6)Trojan agentil3
It falls under a category of Trojan.signature based detection .
Newly infecting this type viruses can be detected only by few
latest antiviruses.

cuil A big seach engine

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In todays internet we are able to get any type of information.To get any type of information we highly shoulder on search engine. Intially altavista ,yahoo are widely used search engines.On arrival of Google search engine 'Google' had became very popular.Least bothered on other search engines.On all this cutting edge competitiveness among search engines 'cuil' call as 'coool' has joined.It consists of 120 billion webpages index i.e thrice the Google search engine.But,till date we are assuming Google as a king of search engines.log on to

pularin is a metal discovered recently.It's lighter than cotton , costlier than platinum,sturdy than steel.
It's recent discovered from limestone clins at cuddapah dist. in andhrapradesh,India intorduced a costly metal to the world.
Scientists says that it has excellent benifits in space traavels,computers ,solarpower generation ,nano technology and
medicine.So, all eyes around world turned towards Pularin.

You can hang 6,300 kg(a maruthi car)with 1mm hair thin pularin wire.Only metal in Uinverse with 250 times sturdey than steel
and 10 times lighter than it.It,s giving very positive results for curing AIDS,cancers.Hiv virus is caught like a fish in a net by pularin which stops spreading.If this
remains standard then it is a new wonder in medicine.Bullet proof ackets can be made to stand before recent terror attacks like mumbai.

Foot ball shaped 60 atoms of carbon at edges is layed in pularin.Pularin atoms are arranged in ball.
Each atom is called Bucky balls and tubes are called Bucky tubes or Nano tubes.Each nano tube is 1 to 7 nm diameter i.e 1nm=50000 part of a hair sting.
1)mangampet ,cuddapah dist.Ap, 800 ppm(parts prer million)info given by stanford University.

150 times costlier than gold.
10 grams pularin $23000 to $45000
also info given by Bucky-USA website.

Special uses if this becomes common:
1)Pularin coting on aeroplanes withstands from thunders ,rains ,Flashes etc.
2)Bullet proof ackets
3)curing cancer etc.